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Matt Hardy's Diary

Superstar Wars: A New Hope

Love Is In The Air

The ITR 50!!! (Or... The Edgeucation of Canadian Bulldog)

April 2005

Russo Takez Over The Book

Backstage WM Afterparty DIRT~!

Retro ITR - Exactly 15 Years Ago Today!!!

WrestelMania Recall

March 2005

The Inside Scoop on WrestelMania XXX1

Letters From A Nut VI: The Ultimate Challenge!!!

Literary Devices

Hal-Ko-Mania Will Live Forever

Inside The 2005 Hall of SHAME

February 2005

Angry Young Man

Retro ITR - The Time Machine

Hooray For Hollywood

January 2005

2005 Royal Rumble Spoilers!!!

Letters From A Nut V: Hellllllo, Ladies!

The Rise and Fall and Fall and Rise of ECW

PPV Preview, Tons of OMG NUDITY~!

December 2004

2004: The Year In Review (Part Two)

2004: The Year In Review (Part One)

The All Christmas Carol Edition!!!

Last-Minute Gift Suggestions

Letters From A Nut Episode 4: A New Hope

November 2004

Cheating Death, Stealing Cookies: The Cookie Monster Story

Merchandising Madness

EXCLUSIVE, JAM-PACKED Survivin' Series Preview!!!

ITR Retro Edition: 2001 - A Wrestling Odyssey

October 2004

Hallowe'en Hijinx (Starring Kain and Shnitsky)

Letters From A Nut III

Hail to the CHHHief

Talkin' Poetry, Jesus and Operation Ambush

September 2004

All Wrestlers Go To Heaven

The Crack! Down on Smack! Down


Enter The House Of Pain

ITR Retro Edition -- The One That Started It All!!!

August 2004

The Hall of Fame Edition

Interview With A Sexy Boy

The First Anniversary Spectacular

Jazzin' For Eugene

July 2004

Letters From A Nut II: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the inbox...

Letters From A Nut

To Know The Man, You've Got To Read About The Man

Rest In Peace

June 2004

Retro ITR - Yeah, That's Right; Another One

Benwah ISN'T for real

Samoan Family Values

Check Your Local Listings

May 2004

Scott Keeth Finally Gets His


The Apprentice

April 2004

Hirin's and Firin's

The Ulllllllllllllllllll-timate Flashback!!! (Retro Edition)

Celebrity Guest Panel Predicts Backdraft Card

Don't Cross The Boss

Welcome To The Dog Pound

March 2004

Between The Sheets

It's Getting DRAFT-Y In Here - LOL!!!

EXCLUSIVE, JAM-PACKED Wrestle Mania XXX Preview!!!

Road To WrestleSomething

February 2004

You're Firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred!!!

Tammy Un-Sytched!!!

ITR Retro Edition: Why WCW Is Winning The `Monday' Night War & Vince MacMahon Should Just Give Up

Time To Interview The Game

January 2004

The Greatest Spoilers EVER!!!

EXCLUSIVE Interview With Vince('s Secretary)

Fame Hasn't Gone To My Head

2003 - It Was Murder (Part Two)

December 2003

2003 - It Was Murder (Part One)

My Plee To Flee

Exciting New Features A-Plenty

Dummying Up With Steven Richards

November 2003

The Stoned Cold Truth

Exclusive, Jam-Packed SURVIVING SERIES Preview

Oold Skool

October 2003

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August 2003

July 2003

June 2003

May 2003

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